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About Us

Matthew Seaton
General Manager

Kyagalanyi Coffee Limited was founded in 1992 when the coffee industry was liberalised and is the oldest licensed coffee exporter in Uganda.

We remain one of the leading green coffee exporters in Uganda with export volumes of about 400,000 bags a year. We source high quality arabica and robusta coffees from all major coffee growing areas in Uganda and are also working with over 12,000 farmers across the country to improve the yields and quality of their coffee through our sustainability initiatives.

Kyagalanyi became the first ISO 9001:2008 certified coffee export company in Uganda in 2000 and is, since 2009, fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

We process all of the coffee procured in Uganda though our new flagship processing facility located in the Kampala Industrial Business Park at Namanve, Kampala. We have also invested in a new reception, pre-cleaning, drying and warehousing facility in the eastern town of Mbale, a key hub for washed arabicas. In addition to these key assets; Kyagalanyi has built and manages six eco-washing stations across Mount Elgon, one in Erussi, West Nile and a robusta eco-washing station in Sheema. At Nakanyonyi In Mukono district we own and operate a robusta primary processing facility together with an extensive coffee seedlings mother garden where we produce high quality planting material.

Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd is a member of the Volcafe Group, the coffee Division of ED&F Man.