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School children csr campaign

csrGood rural livelihoods is about more than earning a good coffee income. Each year with funding from the ED&FMAN Charico Foundation, we implement one or more projects that promote good living conditions for farming households.


Kyagalanyi has supported five schools with emergency repairs of roofs and walls and provision of text books and school desks.

Promoting better health care for women

To recognise the often undervalued role of women in coffee farming,
Kyagalanyi started a campaign to promote better maternity facilities on Mount Elgon. In 2013, 6 health centres received 90 hospital beds, mattresses and blankets. In 2014, we are working with Project CURE to support several hospitals with a range of medical equipment.

Safe water

In our Nakanyonyi scheme, we have improved access to safe water in two communities by constructing boreholes.

Emergence assistance after landslides

Kyagalanyi has provided emergency relief goods to communities in Mount Elgon that were affected by two landslides in the past years.