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Increasing Coffee Yields And Quality

MT Elgon coffee field

Robusta-flowers-green-and-rUganda’s coffee is produced by over 1.2 million smallholder farmers. It is one of many crops grown, but often the most important source of income. Most coffee is grown in small gardens under the shade of bananas and various fruit and forest trees. It is handpicked when it is ripe and either dried in the sun or pulped and washed at home or in central washing stations.

Average yields in Uganda are estimated at about 10-12 bags of green coffee per ha, placing Uganda among the countries with the lowest coffee yields in the world. With most farmers growing between 0.2 and 0.8 ha of coffee, making a good living out of coffee with current yields is difficult.

To ensure that there is a good future for Uganda’s coffee farmers, Kyagalanyi has set-up four sustainable coffee schemes. In these schemes, we deliver a range of services to assist farmers to increase coffee yields and quality so that they earn more money, while taking care of people and the planet. Our schemes are verified/certified under 4C, UTZ Certified and/or Rainforest.

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