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Kyagalanyi Coffee Services

Bad vs Good Robusta management

One of Kyagalanyi’s key goals is to contribute to the efforts of the Uganda coffee sector and assist in the increase of coffee yields and quality.

‘Kyagalanyi Coffee Services’ programme has been designed to offer a range of services to farmers to help them overcome the hurdles they are faced with.

Kyagalanyi currently focuses on improving coffee quality, extension services and promoting the intelligent use of good quality inputs.

We are continuously working to expand the services that we offer to farmers.

The services are provided by our 58 head strong field team, with support from our production teams.


Improving coffee quality

Mt Elgon Buzibiti station

washing-stationGood primary processing

Our eco-pulpers and hulling factory are operated by well trained staff and produce high quality parchment or FAQ. To improve drying conditions, we construct greenhouses at all washing stations.

Paying for quality

In the Nakanyonyi scheme, Kyagalanyi is paying farmers according to FAQ quality. This cash incentive to improve quality works well: the outturn rates of certified coffee are 5% better than for conventional coffee. In the washed coffee schemes, Kyagalanyi only buys red cherries from farmers.

Training on coffee quality

One of the modules of Kyagalanyi’s agronomy training programme focuses on coffee quality. Farmers learn what good quality cherries, parchment and green coffee are and how their management impacts on quality. The training includes a cupping session.


Extension services

KCL Field staff

extension servicesHands on agronomy training programme

Lack of practical experience with the impact of Good Agricultural Practices is one reason why farmers are not adopting basic practices such as stumping, fertiliser use and pest & disease control. Kyagalanyi has developed a farmer training programme which aims to do just that. During a two year programme, farmer groups are trained on learning plots. Every module focuses on a particular practice and is taught in line with the growing season.

On-farm advice

Our extension staff visit each farm at least once per year. During a walk around the farm, the staff and the farmer jointly discuss the main constraints the family faces to improve coffee production and together decide on two or three realistic steps that they can take to improve production in the next year; for example stump 20 trees.


Promoting wise use of good quality inputs

Agro input store


Kyagalanyi operates 5 Arabica and 2 Robusta nurseries that produce high quality seedlings. To promote planting, all plantlets are sold at cost to farmers. Every year, over 200,000 seedlings are planted.

Agro-inputsand PPE availability

The availability of genuine, good quality agro-inputs in rural areas is low. Farmers have to travel long distances or risk to buy fake products. To overcome this, Kyagalanyi has introduced agro-input stores in all its Mount Elgon washing stations and a fertiliser for bonus scheme whereby farmers can choose to receive all or part of their bonus in the form of fertilisers. We have been able to provide PPE sets to producer organisations.

Good recommendations

Kyagalanyi has developed detailed recommendations for the intelligent use of fertilisers and crop protection products. These are based on integrated management strategies, product availability, soil and leaf analysis and the latest advise from national and international bodies. We run trials and demo plots to evaluate the performance of new, high quality products on the Ugandan market.