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Sustainable Coffee Schemes

Sheema Coffee Farm

2014 Uganda coffee map + KCL sust coffee schemesIn our four sustainable coffee schemes, we work with about 12,000 farmers to increase coffee yields and quality, while taking care of people and the planet.

Each scheme is built around one or more central, primary processing sites. These are professionally managed to produce the best quality parchment and FAQ and guarantee traceability.

Our field teams consist of 58 staff, of which 14 are agronomists and 7 are nursery operators. Each scheme is headed by a manager in charge of day to day certification and training operations. Overall guidance and development of the schemes is provided by Kyagalanyi’s Sustainability Manager, Dr. Anneke Fermont, and by Mr. David Tusasibwe, Coffee Agronomist.

Farmers are organised in producer organisations of 20 to 40 members.

Mount Elgon Scheme Washed Arabica

Mt. Elgon

Mt Elgon - Umar Maleh - Scheme Manager

Mr. Umar Maleh
scheme manager

With 7,000 farmers, the Mount Elgon Scheme, located in Eastern Uganda on the slopes of an extinct volcano, is Kyagalanyi’s largest sustainable coffee scheme.

Kyagalanyi has established six washing stations across the mountain, enabling interaction with the farmers they serve. All stations are equipped with eco-pulpers, waste water treatment systems, nurseries and agro-input stores and showcase a range of good socio-environmental practices.

We are proud of the intensive agronomy training programme that we are rolling out to all Producer Organisations of the scheme. Farmers further benefit from annual bonuses, a fertiliser for bonus scheme, as well as access to genuine agro-inputs, PPE sets, farm tools and good quality seedlings. Our field staff visit all farmers on their own farms for detailed, personal advise. They use mobile phone technology to gather geo-tracked data on coffee traceability, adoption of Good Agricultural Practices and use of good socio-economic practices.

The scheme is led by Mr. Umar Maleh.

Nakanyonyi Scheme Natural Robusta


Nakanyonyi - Angello Mukasa - scheme manager

Mr. Angello Mukasa
Scheme Manager

The Nakanyonyi scheme, located in central Uganda, is Kyagalanyi’s oldest sustainable coffee scheme. It was started in 2006 in response to the Coffee Wilt Disease (CWD) epidemic that destroyed almost half the existing Robusta tree population in the nineties.

The scheme is built around a clonal Robusta nursery and a state of the art primary hulling facility. The replanting campaign has seen over half a million high quality clonal seedlings planted by farmers in Mukono district. Currently, Mr. John Egonu, the nursery operator, is setting up new mother gardens with the CWD resistant varieties that have been released by the Coffee Research Institute.

The 2,000 farmers deliver sun-dried cherries (Kiboko) to the hullery as a group. As the hullery is able to process batches as small as 500 kg and Kyagalanyi pays according to FAQ quality, farmers are rewarded for their efforts to produce high quality coffee.

The scheme is managed by Mr. Angello Mukasa, Kyagalanyi’s longest serving employee.

Sheema Scheme Washed Robusta

sheema lead farmer training

Sheema - washed Robusta coffee 1The Sheema scheme is located in South-western Uganda and operates in a partnership with the Bushenyi Wet Coffee Processors Ltd. owned by Mr. Sonny Bigirwa.

The scheme is built around the Mr. Birigwa’s coffee estate where a new Robusta eco-pulping washing station has been established.

Owing to good management and the high altitudes (1,300 to 1,600 masl) at which Robusta is grown in this region, the coffee from this region has an excellent cup.

The field staff organise bi-monthly, practical agronomy training sessions for all producer organisations on Good Agricultural Practices, farming as a business and certification aspects.

West Nile Scheme Washed Arabica

West Nile Good parchment

Future coffee farmersThe West Nile Arabica scheme is the latest addition to Kyagalanyi’s sustainable coffee schemes. It is located in the remote North-western corner of Uganda, on the border with Congo. The area is well known for the ‘Okoro’ or ‘West Nile” coffees grown there.

Kyagalanyi is currently constructing an eco-pulper washing station that will open this season. The 9 field staff will work with approximately 1,500 farmers in the first year. The scheme is undertaking its first internal inspections of its farmer groups.

Child labour is a common practice in parts of this relatively poor region. We are partnering with HIVOS, a Dutch Development agency, to establish a child labour free zone in this area.

The scheme is led by Mr. Emmanuel Bukomeko.

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